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Tumblrs getting kinda lame, will be debating on pulling my page down along with other social media shit that I stopped caring about. So if I just disappear I probably didn’t die lol.

I feel you so hard right now 

itsalittlebitoflove: i get that feeling about tumblr too, which is why I reblog so little. Most of what I like has made several loops, and the rest is getting poisoned by people who like to whine about everything while acting superior -_-

See, I don’t need that in my life right now.

I don’t need people telling me how pretty I am, or pictures of flowers that say “I WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO SIT IN THIS FIELD WITH”

I guess I’ve become disenchanted.  I just do not find this fun anymore.  

itsalittlebitoflove: aww. would it help if we asked more questions to keep you engaged?

aw that’s always kind! i honestly just don’t find tumblr that fun anymore, I’m trying to get into law school and am busting my booty in my senior year of college, so I don’t really have the time to reblog things, etc.

I’ll be leaving it up for the sake of a college project, then probably deleting it by December.  Maybe I’ll start a new one.

Not sure I’m gonna leave my Tumblr up.  

I didn’t, and still don’t, get the joy out of it that others do.  And that’s okay!

If you want to follow my more active account, please find me on Instagram as SailorCupcake 

Thank you all kindly!